Friday, July 29, 2011

Shalom! Ma Nishma?

ope that you have had a good week and that everything is going smoothly.
Here in Israel and in Ulpan more specifically, there are loads of things to write about, to be honest, but I’ll start with the bigger things that are currently taking place in the Holy Land.
The protests against the government are growing wider and wider. More and more people have been out on the streets to protest about the high housing prices, petrol rates, children welfare, and almost anything else that you could think of. Although I can identify with the main ideas of some of the protests, I must say that in the past week, things seem really to be getting slightly out of hand. I am hoping that the Israeli government will be able to find a rapid and suitable solution so that we will all be able to go back to normal, (or at least as normal as one can get in this country… )
In Ulpan it has been another very busy week. Sivan, our new teacher who recently joined us in Tel Aviv, started teaching her first course this week having finished her training with me. Hearing her first student coming out from one of the lessons saying: "I really like her", definitely brought a smile to my lips. There is nothing like hearing students saying good things about our teachers in Ulpan.
On Thursday (YOM CHAMISHI), three of our students graduated. Two of the three live here in Israel and we hope to see them again soon and one of them went back to Spain. Congratulations to all of you and all the best. It has been a real pleasure to have as our students.
With so much going on, I don’t remember if I had told you about a recent article of mine that was posted on the web-site. Here is the link in case I haven’t.
I hope you have a great weekend!
Shabbat Shalom,
Gil Pentzak, Ulpan Aviv- director

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