Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Shalom everyone! Ma Nishma? I hope all is good.

Last week I wrote about some of the advantages we offer our students here at Ulpan Aviv. Before I tell you a story that happened to me this week at work, I wanted to mention the fact that we have people from many different backgrounds and walks of life, coming to learn Hebrew at Ulpan Aviv.  Some are new immigrants (Olim Hadashim), some, tourists, some are reporters from all over the world, some, students from an academic institute in Israel, and we also have some diplomats! The one thing that each of the students has in common is that they are unique!   Each one needs a flexible program suited to their individual situation.  Here is a little story about what happened to me this week. As I told you before, Ulpan Aviv is situated in Jerusalem city centre. I do however,  also teach two days a week in Tel Aviv (Tuesday, Thursday). One of my students in Tel-Aviv is a 35 year old woman, who is really nice and also fun to learn with.  She also happens to be a single mum of a very cute 14 month old daughter.  Since she is completely by herself here, she has a real need and desire as well as the motivation to learn Hebrew. For this particular student it is essential that I help her to acquire good conversational skills and as well as technical language in order for her to communicate comfortably with her little girl’s care-giver etc. This week, however she wasn’t able to come to her lessons as, unfortunately, her daughter had to be hospitalized. Due to the personal approach and friendship that is created between a student and a teacher here, there was no question that she would not be able to postpone her lessons without being penalized. I was comforting to me to be able to reassure her and to be able to tell her that we would meet once everything was OK again. I was even able to prepare learning materials for her to take to the hospital and practice there!  I think that this is a wonderful example of what the personalized Hebrew programs here at Ulpan Aviv are really all about.
We are currently launching a new advertising campaign. It is very witty and dynamic. I’ll tell you all about it next time. Have a great weekend!
Gil Pentzak
Ulpan Aviv - Director   

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