Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Shalom Lekulam! Ma Shlomcem?

Purim, turned out to be the most beautiful, sunny weekend which made the celebrations with family and friends all the more special.
This week at the Ulpan we have again been shooting the promotional video for our new website which will hopefully be launched in the next few weeks. The students that we had in this week were happy to “star” in the production (Hollywood has nothing on us!) and we all had loads of fun doing it. We are hoping that the video will give people who visit our site, a real insight into the sheer breadth subjects that are covered by our students here. From music to medicine, from law to literature, from media to business, general conversation etc. We really do have the most incredible range of diversity within the students that choose to study with us. A big TODA RABA to all of you who took part!
Hayom (Thursday) the weather was pretty miserable here in Jerusalem, which reflected so accurately the mood of the people here, following yesterday’s bombing at a bus stop near the Central Bus Station. Our own secretary, only narrowly escaped being at that bus stop at the time of the bombing, because I had to leave the office early and dropped her off on my way home. Another Purim miracle… Our thoughts and prayers do go out to the family of the lady that was killed, and to all the other victims. Another challenging week here in the Holy Land!
Yours truthfully,
Gil Pentzak
Ulpan Aviv - Director

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