Saturday, March 26, 2011

Shalom everyone and Purim Sameach!

I really love Purim. It’s a day filled with joy and happiness. It warms my heart to see the little children wearing their costumes, carrying goody bags and giving them to one another. On Wednesday we had our own Purim toast at the Ulpan. All students and teachers gathered together in the study room and over wine and cookies. Each introduced him/herself in Hebrew encouraged by the others. It was great to hear all the students speaking in Hebrew in front of everyone and making the effort to break the language barrier. I proposed a toast for a Purim Sameach for everyone and explained why, we as a people, believe in the potential for miracles at Purim. My wish, was for those who say that it would take a miracle for them to learn Hebrew, to see this come true☺.
We all ate and drank together and the weather was absolutely beautiful. The storms we had had last week had blown over and a soft, warm spring sun was shining.
One my most heartfelt wishes for this miraculous day of Purim, is to finally have peace. In spite of all the celebrations and costumes we cannot forget what happened in Itamar last week. The cold blooded murder of 5 out of 8 family members including a 4month old baby, reminds us of the difficult and complicated reality that we live in.
Peace in the Holy Land would be the most appropriate and a wonderful miracle to wish for in these days.
Purim Sameach and best wishes ,
Gil Pentzak
Ulpan Aviv - Director

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