Monday, February 21, 2011

Hi everyone! How are you? I hope all is good

I just wanted to share a bit about my work at Ulpan Aviv. Ulpan is a school for learning the Hebrew language (usually based in Israel but not always!). In Israel there are two main options for studying Hebrew, the Government sponsored programs or private programs. In the Governmental programs, students find themselves in classrooms with up to 30 students with ages ranging from anything from 18-120! Students usually have many different  mother tongues and come from all different sorts of academic backgrounds, etc. Needless to say, it’s not the easiest environment to learn anything in. The Ulpan where I work, Ulpan Aviv, is quite different in this respect.  We use private programs to teach Hebrew. Courses are one-to-one, meaning  just one student in the classroom. All attention is focused on that one student and the curriculum is designed specifically for him or her. Since lessons are one-to-one, Ulpan Aviv has the option to teach each student according to his/her own pace, style, level, etc. Another big advantage Ulpan Aviv has is that course are taught in the student's native language (usually English but not always). This enables us to shorten course's length to only 10 days! Imagine yourself improving Hebrew in just 10 days! Sounds impossible to you? Then keep tracking my Blog and read more about Ulpan Aviv great programs for Hebrew learning and you’ll see that it is!

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