Sunday, October 9, 2011

Wow everybody, what a week!

Rosh Ha Shana was great. I spent it at my in-laws house with my wife’s family and we all came out speaking to each other which just goes to prove that miracles not only happen during Purim! My wife especially loves going to the synagogue to hear the shofar being blown. It is a sound that seems to really tug at your heart. These last few days have been ones of soul searching before G-d to bring to light any wrong doings from the past year. It’s tough to come face to face with one’s own humanity in the light of the holiness of HaShem. At Ulpan this week, things have been crazy. Final preparations for the project up in the north starting directly after Succot and interviewing new teachers to take Sarai’s and Efrat’s place during that time. (Not easy shoes to fill….) The process to update the website is well under way and going well and we have launched a new campaign on Facebook. Don’t forget to check it out and you may even win a free course…. Other new things at the Ulpan in Tel Aviv include a new street sign on rehov HaYarkon. In the very short time that it has been up it has already brought 3 potential students in, all enquiring about learning Hebrew. Despite the pre-opening nerves, things really have taken off here in Tel Aviv, which is fantastic! Well I am off to prepare for Yom Kippur, which by the way, as with this year, is the only day on which fasting is allowed on the Shabbat. So it just leaves me to wish you all TSUM KAL.

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