Thursday, October 27, 2011

Shalom le Kulam! Ma nishma?

Well! After the excitement last week of Gilad Shalit's release and Sukot followed by Simchat Torah, this week was back to the grind stone! I have to say that after all Tishrey's holidays and festivals it will be great to get back to a more normal rhythm and routine, although I have seen that Israel is back in the news (just for a change…), with the earthquake in Turkey. Apparently, despite the strained relations between the two countries at the moment, Israel's Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu rang the Turkish Prime Minister to offer assistance. At first this was refused as Turkey hoped not to need external assistance, although it was reported in the newspapers this morning that Turkey has accepted the offer. I hope that it will lead to warmer diplomatic relations between the two countries and was moved to see the rescue of a two week old little baby from the rubble yesterday. I hope and pray that the baby's family will also be found safe and sound.
After finishing her training last week, Noyah, our new teacher will be starting to take students this week. We are delighted to have her on our team and we wish her every success. I love to see how our teachers develop and blossom in their style and confidence with every course that passes. The continuing education program that we run here at Ulpan Aviv, allows Osnat and myself to really be involved in this process. A real privilege.
Today, Sarai and Efrat travelled up north to start the project with the Australian students on Kibbutz S'deh Eliyahu. Both are very much looking forward to the challenge. All the best to them. It will certainly be quiet around here without them!!!!!!

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