Monday, September 12, 2011

Shavua tov to you all!

I am sorry that this blog has been posted late, but it is only now that I am catching up with all the things from last week. First and foremost, the Ulpan Aviv team would like to offer their condolences to the family, friends and children of the victims of the Twin Tower attack in New York 10 years ago. Our thoughts also go out to those who survived and are having to live daily with the consequences. Last week was a great week. It saw the start of one of our groups for young people and preparation for the second which starts tomorrow. Last week’s group started in Jerusalem and there was all the bustle and excitement of meeting the new students, doing all the evaluations, assigning groups, ordering materials and putting the finishing touches to the curriculum in order that the courses would better suit each group of students. After that group was launched at the beginning of the week, the rest of the week was spent deciding on the last few details of the course that starts tomorrow in the North of the country. As most of you who have been following my blog know, we launched our new Ulpan Aviv web site a few months ago. Over the next month or two we will be updating our website in order to make it more “user friendly”. Please feel free to send me any comments or ideas that you may have that you feel would improve the site. Along with all the preparations for the new groups, as my course comes to an end, last week I had to give my final presentation. I chose to speak about building an infrastructure for an Ulpan from scratch and then the subsequent P.R. and marketing of that Ulpan. I was really pleased at the positive reception and feed-back that I received from the presentation. PHEW…. On a personal level things too are far from boring. After buying some land to build a house on last year, we are now in the stages of meeting with architects and builders in order to start making decisions about the structure etc., of the house. Well enough from me for now. I wish you all an excellent week and look forward to my next blog.

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