Sunday, September 4, 2011

Shalom! Ma Shlomchem?

I trust this blog post finds you all safe and sound.
What a week! I have already told you in my previous post about the groups from the youth movements and organizations that we will be teaching starting in September. This involved recruiting staff members, (lots of) training, writing curriculums, deciding schedules and heaven knows what else. A lot to do indeed. As I am in based in Tel Aviv and the courses will be taught in Jerusalem, I found myself driving to Jerusalem every day this week. After writing these lines (Thursday 12:23, ) I am off there again today. In addition to that, this week was the last week of the school summer break in Israel, meaning the children, (all 3 of them), are home. Although, my wife stays with the children most of the day, when I come back from work they all expect some sort of an outing; the swimming pool, the beach, ice-cream, the park… you name it. So that's with the family (oh, and by the way my daughter was again dehydrated this week for the second time. I really think she is beginning to like being me being up with her at the hospital all night…)
In addition to that (sorry if it sounds like I am whining, I am not. Writing is my therapy), tonight I have to present my final project in my PR class tonight. The PR plan is a year-long PR plan based on a chosen business. Any guesses about which business I will be writing my project? I know it's a hard one…
This week in Israel, things have become slightly less tense with regards to security, (not counting the terror attack in TA on Sunday night. 8 people were injured, some badly and I send my prayers to the wounded.
The school year has started today, FINALLY. My 3 toddlers will be learning in 3 different pre-school programs, according to their age. Wishing them and all students wherever you happen to be, all the very best!
Have a lovely weekend and Shabbat Shalom,
Gil Pentzak, Ulpan Aviv- director

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