Saturday, August 13, 2011

Shalom! Ma Nishma?

Another week over and I hope everything is OK and that you are well. I know that I sure am now that I am officially on holiday. Even though we are not leaving to go on holiday until Sunday, by Thursday morning we had already started doing the things that we have been planning to do for ages such as horse riding, (the children have been asking to do this for the past 6 months), spending time on the beach, etc.
Needless to say that Wednesday, the day before my holiday began, was pretty intensive. I didn’t want to leave any loose ends before I left and it took quite a lot of time and effort to cram everything in. The one break I did take that day was to have a drink at lunchtime with a student-friend, Toda.
Tuesday was Tisha B'Av – which is a fast day in the Jewish calendar. The Ulpan was closed on that day and I was at home with the children all day. With fasting, I think I would have preferred being at work… ☺
I am pleased to congratulate two of my oldest students (actually, I think I mean most long-standing students, oops! Sorry ladies…) who are celebrating their birthdays. Tamara from Geneva, who had her birthday last week and to whom I wish best wishes and lots of success in all of her endeavors, and Ruth from Canada whom I wish Mazal Tov and "Good luck" with everything! Both Tamara and Ruth will be coming back to Israel in the very near future and I wish them both the maximum benefit of their staying. May you find much satisfaction in what you do. ☺
Well, I can’t hang around today; I’m off to pack my bag. Wishing you all Shabbat shalom and a pleasant week!
Shabbat Shalom,
Gil Pentzak, Ulpan Aviv- director

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