Sunday, December 11, 2011

Shalom LeKulam!

I trust this blog post finds you all safe and well.

I am doing just fine, Baruch H', no complaints. The new baby, Ori
Avraham, is growing well thank G-d and if he would only sleep just a little
more often, then things would be even better. All of his siblings seem to have
accepted Ori quite well and despite our worries about how our daughter, Adi,
who is almost 2 years old would manage to handle a younger brother at her age,
things are going well. The truth is that
Adi seems to have come to terms with the change much better than we could have
hoped and has only bitten him twice so far

Things continue to go well in the
Ulpan here in Tel Aviv, and we have seen a rapid growth in on-line courses.
People are less likely to visit Israel at this time of year and so we thought
that it may be a good thing to iadvertise to increase awareness of the
availability of our on-line courses.
This approach appears to have worked well. I am teaching 7 students on-line these days
and I must say that I enjoy every minute of it.
In recent times I had very litttle time to teach. Most of my time was
invested in managing, training new teachers, supervision, etc. If I ever needed
to focus even more time on things involved around running and managing the
Ulpan, I don’t think that I could ever stop teaching completely. It is so refreshing and energizing…

I was asked more than once this week about the best way of retaining
vocabulary. "What is the best way for me to learn the new words?"
everyone asks. Well friends, let me let you in
to a little secret that the Torah has been telling us about for the past 5000
years. In the "Shema" we
commit ourselves to teach and educate our children to follow the rules of the
Torah, keep the faith in HaShaem, etc. This command is given as follows:

"ושננתם לבניך"


"memorize this to your

The Hebrew language gives us the missing piece. The word:



which talks about memorizing. If you notice this word has the same root as
the word:




Memorizing is best done by “using your teeth”, eg.,
speaking, or saying out loud the thing that you wish to memorize. I trust
(actually, I know) that this is the best way for any student to retain all the
vocabulary he/she is trying to learn.

So, off you go to your list of new words…J (Maybe warn the neighbours first so they know that
you haven’t comletely lost it!!!!)

Wishing you all Shabbat Shalom and warm wishes!

Gil Pentzak

Ulpan Aviv- Director

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