Thursday, November 17, 2011

Shalom le kulam. Ma shlomchem?

Shalom le kulam. Ma shlomchem?
Doesn't time go by so quickly? I feel like I have only just finished writing the other blog and it is time to write another. I am thankful to say that things have really been getting back to normal this week. Little Ori recovered well after his circumcision, although he is a bit 'gripey' now which leads to fun nights! The whole family is settling down and finding their new places within the family and I am glad to say that our little 20 month old daughter hasn't managed to inflict any serious damage on Ori yet, although she really gave him a good whack when he was only a few days old!! This week was another family event; it was my cousin's wedding. He is only 22 yrs old and there was much talk of how young he is to be getting married. In our culture it is obligatory to find something to talk about…. The wedding was great and everyone seemed to really get in to the spirit of things. The Shabbat after a wedding the whole family and all the friends get together for the Shabbat to be with the newly married couple. It is always a crazy but fun time and I am really looking forward to it. The project up north is going really, really well and as one of the directors here at the Ulpan, I went up to see that everything was going alright. There were glowing reports of Efat and Saray, (of course I would have never doubted for a moment that there would be…) and the students seem to be progressing well.
Well, writing this from a rainy and cold Tel Aviv hope that you all have a good end to the week and I wish you all Shabbat Shalom!
Gil Pentzak
Ulpan Aviv-Director

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