Sunday, April 17, 2011

Shalom Lekulam, Ma shlomchem?

I hope this post finds you all, well and happy. I am writing these lines in between cleaning and the last arrangements for Pessach. It really is a lot of work before the holiday, but definitely worthwhile and it all adds to the excitement. People are rushing home after a days work to finish all the household preparations on time. The children have started their spring vacation from their schools or kindergartens, including my 3…., and during the past week and the sense and expectation of the approaching holiday has been mounting and is visible everywhere. Spring has finally come to stay in Israel and the sight and smell of blossoming flowers are everywhere.
At the ulpan, we are also entering a time of growth and renewal. In anticipation of the summer we will be adding new members to our staff team. New teachers will be joining us and also a new secretary. We would like to say goodbye to Tamara and say a big TODA RABA for all the wonderful work and amazing atmosphere she brought to us. Unfortunately, Tamara will be going away in a month or so (although both she and we are still hoping for her to stay), and in the mean time she wants to dedicate her time in studying, going back to behind the desk in one classrooms here at Ulpan Aviv, rather than at the front desk! All of us, and in particular, me, wish her all the best and much success!
I wish you all PESSACH KASHER VESAMEACH and I hope that this year will be the time when we will be redeemed, having the MASSHIACH come, bringing peace and salvation to us and to the world!
With much love and every greeting,
Gil Pentzak
Ulpan Aviv- Director

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